Should I Call Him? What to Do When He Stops Calling?

Published: 15th April 2009
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Each and every woman on Earth knows how awful and frustrating waiting for a guy's call can be. When he suddenly stops calling, time goes by so slowly. A day goes by and he doesn't call. And the thought that crosses your mind is, should I call him if he doesn't call? That's the question this article is going to try to answer.

First of all, keep in mind - the more quickly you call a guy after his silence begins, the faster you lose. You become desperate to call him, and men can tell when a woman is desperate. You may think that if you call, you can at least talk to him and settle the conflict. You think you can ask him why he doesn't call and clarify for yourself why he hasn't called. Perhaps there is something that's bothering him. And you feel obligated to find out what it is.

Before you call him, sit down and think about your last encounter. How did it end? What did you say to each other?

If you know you did something that made him upset, like flirting with other guys in front of your boyfriend, or say mean things to him, call him and apologize.

Even if you think your flirtations were innocent and you didn't do anything wrong.

If you said mean things to him, apologize for those words. It will be enough. All you have to do is say sorry and truly mean it. Admit that you were wrong and hopefully he'll forgive you.

But if you didn't do anything wrong and didn't say mean things to him, you probably see no reason why he stopped calling. Learn about reasons he stopped calling and how to make him call you through powerful strategic approach, go to Should I Call Him

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